Keeping Our Customers Happy holds the key to strategize towards our objectives.
A happy customer is one who is satisfied with our company’s services & product quality. As such, we go to great extend to ensure that our customers only buy products that can give them a peace of mind;
Going back to the basics, everyone hope to live long enough to witness their future generations living comfortably in good health and success – this often brings to us the greatest joy & true happiness. The only way to see this through is for us to do our best to safeguard their resources; hence our first priority is…
Leading the HVAC & Refrigeration industry towards a sustainable & energy efficient future;
Bringing to our industry the latest available & most efficient technologies at the fastest possible period;
To Maintain Our “Policy of Partnerships” With Customers & Suppliers
A successful business model will eventually be seen standing out from the industry’s average. This is exactly the position “Our Partners” & us have achieved. Experiencing years of consecutive growth in the market is the evidence of our success!
We will continue to work on this policy as we have enjoyed a history of great success with our customers & suppliers. Our policy follows simple guidelines to Listen – Share – Support & Eventually Overcome Obstacles. This is our philosophy to maintain a strong & lasting relationship with “Our Partners”.

Our Customers and Operatios

Our business operation mainly involves:
Importing high quality products at competitive pricing;
Wholesale & Distribution with first class support & services;
Project Consultation, Management, Procurement & Commissioning;
Manufacturing facilities for Polyurethane (PU) Panels & Refrigeration Systems in order to stay competitive ahead of the industry;
Overseas focus, including exports and turnkey projects related to HVAC & Refrigeration sector;
Most, importantly, we take great pride to consistently Share, Educate and Upgrade our customers with the latest technical developments & updates on new technical knowledge. With continuous vision to position Lan Hoe as a service-oriented distributor & supplier, we carry a wide range of products of world-class quality, hence only the best brands in this industry will fit into our products portfolio.

Our customers, both within Malaysia & from Overseas:
Dealers & Sub-dealers
To support our distribution & retail services throughout the nation;
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
Supplying to OEM customers enable us to keep up to date to the market latest innovations & technologies;
Main Contractors
Working together in system designs & supplying only quality components for Refrigeration, Chillers & Air-conditioning Projects;
Sub Contractors
Assisting contractors in precise selection for components and supplying for their installations with peace of mind;
From Cold Storage Operators to house owners, we sell not just the products, but also the services and consultations;
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