Emerson TI(E)-HW Expansion Valve (PCN 802421)
Emerson TI(E)-HW Expansion Valve (PCN 802421) Emerson Expansion Valve Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, KL, Malaysia. Importer, Manufacturer, Supplier, Supply, Suppliers, Supplies | Lan Hoe Enterprise (1979) Sdn Bhd
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Emerson - Flow Control Expansion Valve

The TIE-series Take-Apart valves, with adjustable, superheat and replaceable, interchangeable components are ideal for original equipment and field replacements in air conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration applications.
 Take-Apart construction for easy field service
 External superheat adjustment
 Bi-Flow capability
 Stainless steel power assembly up to 18 tons
 Interchangeable, replaceable cages
 Interchangeable body flanges
 Interchangeable power assemblies
 1/4 to 100 tons capacity
 Maximum working pressure: 450 psig
 Torque Bolts: 300 in. lb.

TCLE Series Expansion Valve Catalogue

The TRAE series is a large capacity valve for the chiller, heat pump, refrigeration, and air conditioning applications.

 Suitable for Bi-Flow applications
 External superheat adjustment
 Integral body with straight-thru connections
 Balanced port design improves valve operation and stability over wide loads and evaporator temperature range
 Solid copper connections
 Large diaphragm provides superior stability TRAE Series
 Maximum Working Pressure: 450 psig
 UR/CUR file number: SA5312

TRAE Series Expansion Valve Catalogue

The TI series has interchangeable cages capable of changing valve capacity in the field.

 Stainless steel power element eliminates corrosion and prevents valve failure
 Wrench flats on inlet and outlet
 The forged brass valve body
 Inlet strainer assembly
 Inlet connection size: 3/8” SAE, Outlet 1/2” SAE
 Maximum working pressure: 652 psig
 Maximum bulb temperature: 165°F
 Interchangeable capacity cages

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