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Lokring - Quick, Clean and Reliable

The patented LOKRING® tube connection system provides an innovative system of solder-free tube connections for every installation situation in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology. LOKRING® tube connections can be made without a great deal of force is necessary, using simple hand assembly tools. LOKRING® guarantees an absolutely clean.

Areas Of Application

Areas of application for LOKRING® tube connections include all refrigerant pipes in the areas of installation, service, original
equipping of:
 Air-conditioning systems (split, multi-split, VRF, HVAC)
 Industrial and commercial refrigeration
 Heat pumps
 Solar thermal systems
 Geothermal energy
The Advantages Of The Lokring Principle

 Approx. 40 % time-saving
 Absolutely clean, efficient and reliable
 Installation work during business hours and public access
 Installation work in situations where there is a fire hazard
 Light hand assembly tool without energy exertion
 Installation can also be carried out by non-skilled workers
 No nitrogen as a purge gas
 No solder-related quality problems


 Cost and time savings.


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